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ALBUM: SEVEN 7oo – Seven 7oo Mixtape

Download Seven 7oo – Seven 7oo Mixtape Album Download

Popular Italian Rap Group, Seven 7oo comes out with their long awaited studio album tagged “Seven 7oo Mixtape”.

This new studio album is housed 17 tracks and features from SEVEN7oo gang Rondodasosa, NKO, Neima Ezza, Keta, Kilimoney, ASHE 22, Sacky, Baby Gang, Gazo, Samy, Freeze Corleon & Central Cee.

‘SEVEN 7oo – Seven 7oo Mixtape’ Tracklist;

01 INTRO (feat. Neima Ezza & Nko)
02 RUNNING (feat. Keta, Nko, Rondodasosa & Sacky)
03 NVNSNP (feat. Keta, Kilimoney, Neima Ezza, Nko & Sacky)
04 RAP (feat. Neima Ezza, Rondodasosa & Sacky) )
05 GANGSTA (feat. Kilimoney, Neima Ezza, Nko, Sacky & Vale pain)
06 667OO (feat. ASHE 22, Dahirvè, Freeze corleone, Keta, Nko & Sacky)
07 SEVEN 7oo (feat. Keta, Kilimoney, Neima Ezza, Nko, Rondodasosa, Sack & Vale pain)
08 FUCK THE INDUSTRY (feat. Central Cee, Nko & Rondodasosa)
09 MOBILE SANDS (feat. Nko, Sacky & Vale pain)
10 BLINDO (feat. Baby Gang, Kilimoney, Neima Ezza, Nko & Sacky)
11 SPACCIATORE (feat. Gazo, Keta, Nko & Vale pain)
12 INTERLUDE (feat. Nko)
13 MY FRIEND (FREEBENE) [feat. Neima Ezza, Nko & Vale pain]
14 DLS (feat. Rondodasosa & Samy)
15 SKY (feat. Kilimoney, Neima Ezza, Nko & Vale pain)
16 PARANOIA (feat. Neima Ezza, Nko & Sacky)
17 MONDAY (feat. Kilimoney , Nko, Rondodasosa & Vale pain)


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